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Let Us Sharpen the Blades of Your Equipment in Montreal

Hand, Stone and Water Sharpening

The sharpening experts at Ferraris Sharpening will take care of your blades in Montreal! Thanks to us, restaurants and individuals enjoy professional sharpening by hand, stone or water. We sharpen a wide variety of knives and cutting equipment of all kinds:




Trussing needles

Meat grinders


Serrated knives



Pizza cutters


Manual and motorized mowers

Bread knives

And more

Discover Our Promotions

Take advantage of great promotional offers for sharpening your blades!

A Sharp Knife Is a Chef’s Best Friend

Having your knives professionally sharpened is a smart investment for you and your business, mostly because sharp blades work better while reducing effort! In addition, a sharp blade is much safer than a dull blade because it is more predictable and easier to handle.

A well-honed kitchen starts with well-sharpened knives!

Come see us for all your sharpening needs.

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