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Sales, rentals, repairs and sharpening: We have been faithfully serving the needs of professionals in the food and hotel industries since 1954

Knife Sharpening Specialists in Greater Montreal

We Sharpen, Repair, Rent and Sell the Kitchen Equipment You Need

Ferraris Aiguisage is a partner of choice for all your professional cutting equipment needs, from the sale of new equipment to knife sharpening. Restaurateurs, butchers, business owners and private individuals in the Greater Montreal region have trusted our services since 1954.

Blade Sharpening

Superior Quality Sharpening

We sharpen everything from knives to scissors, clippers, trimmers and so much more! Anything used for cutting should be well sharpened, and only an expert can achieve optimal sharpening.


The Equipment You Need

In the field of restaurants and catering, the right cutting equipment can make all the difference! We have everything you need, including used equipment in excellent condition.


We Also Rent Our Equipment!

Do you need extra knives for a specific occasion? Why not rent them! You can choose from a wide selection of high quality knives.

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Quality Brand

F. Dick

Welcome to Ferraris

Vincenzo Triassi, like most Italian immigrants, came to Canada with the dream of building something for himself, but especially for his family. His dream came true in 1954 with the opening of Ferraris Aiguisage. Nearby restaurants and bakers in the Montreal area sent him their knives and other utensils to be sharpened. Today, his son, Jimmy, has taken over the business. With a 60-year reputation for excellence to maintain, we are proud to serve you and meet your needs with the utmost care, whether you are a caterer, merchant, restaurateur, hotelier or private individual.

Welcome to Ferraris and welcome to a tradition!

Yours truly,
Jimmy Triassi

For Efficiency and Safety

A dull blade can be a dangerous thing: when a knife is not sharp enough, it can slip and injure you! We make sure every blade that passes through our hands is well maintained and ready to cut efficiently, properly and durably, at a price that is always competitive. Come see us in store today!

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